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Welcome to DolphinPOS Support Center

Instructions to receive remote support

Go to settings icon and click on it. Then, click on control center on the left column and then click on customize controls. Select screen recording and make sure it is right next to red minus sign. Double click the circle home on the iPad. Select the circled box on the right column, hold it and press select TeamViewer and then press 'start broadcasting' below it. Once screen sharing is okay, click home button on the iPad and then select quick support icon. Provide your id number to support representative on the phone to view your screen.

FAQ’s - Dolphin POS

How can i update my business address and phone number on the receipt?

Answer: go to setup, click on general, and insert your business information which will then appear on the receipt for your customers.

How can i get a batch report auto printed each time a batch is closed?

Answer: go to setup, click on general, then click on auto batch print.

How can i do a refund?

Answer: select refund icon, go to search bar scan or enter receipt barcode number on the bottom of the customer receipt and when you are done that, the receipt should pull up on your right and press refund to give client refund amount back.

How can i do a pay out?

Answer: select the pay out icon, then enter who you are paying to and the amount, and hit save.

How can i do a pay in?

Answer: select the pay in icon, then enter who you are getting paid by and the amount, and hit save.

How can i do a split payment?

Answer: select split button, enter amount for cash and then charge remaining amount as credit.

How can i open cash drawer?

Answer: go to sales screen, select the menu button and press open cash drawer icon.

How can i print last receipt?

Answer: go to sales screen, select the menu button and press open cash drawer icon.

How can i use built in scanner on sale screen?

Answer: go to sales screen, select the menu button and press open device scanner icon.

How can i hold a transaction?

Answer: go to sales screen, select the menu button and press hold icon.

How can i pick up the hold transaction?

Answer: go to sales screen, select the menu button and press unhold icon.

How can i void a transaction?

Answer: go to transaction icon on main home screen, then select transaction and click edit to your far right for option to void transaction.

How to remove extra 0 in Socket Mobile Scanner ?

Below is a socked mobile barcode scanner sheet if you can scan to remove extra 0 its adding. Also below is a support contact number for hardware support please do contact support team. Socket Mobile Scanner: 1-800-279-1390

FAQ’s Documents

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FAQ’s Hardware

Why my printer is not printing receipts?

Answer: can be caused by few things first go to settings icon and click Bluetooth and see if the receipt printer is connected. If not, then you will need pair the device with the iPad which can be done by turning off the Bluetooth and printer and then turn the Bluetooth on again and printer and hold the pairing Bluetooth button behind the printer for 10 to 15 seconds and let go and select the printer till its connected. Next thing to check would be the starprint sdk icon click on it then select in the destination your current receipt printer by first selecting Bluetooth, then tsp650II, select high when open then simply select sample underneath printer, click English, click 2” (384dots), click first line En 2” Text Receipt for a test print send command should come as success press ok and log back into your dolphin pos application.

Why my barcode scanner is not scanning?

Answer: can be caused by a few things first go to settings icon click on Bluetooth then see if your barcode scanning device is connected or not, if not than you will need to turn of your barcode scanning device and Bluetooth and turn both on again and try to click on barcode scanner device on iPad to pair.
Connect Apple iOS device in Application Mode Please check with your scanner application vendor or visit to confirm your scanner-enabled application supports the scanner. If you are using the scanner with an Apple iOS device and a scanner-enabled Application that does not provide instructions how to connect your scanner, please use the following steps.

1. Power on the scanner. Make sure the scanner is discoverable (unpaired). The Blue light should be blinking fast.

2. To change the profile to Application Mode scan this barcode. The scanner will beep 3 times. Use with iPad, iPod touch, and iPhones. (Scanning this barcode changes the connection mode) (Continue on page 17) APPLICATION MODE

3. Turn on Bluetooth on the Apple device. Go to Settings > Bluetooth. A Bluetooth Devices search will begin.

4. Tap Socket 7Xi[xxxxxx] in the list of Devices found. After a few seconds the “Not Paired” status will change to “Connected” or “Paired” and the scanner’s blue LED will blink every 3 seconds, confirming the connection. Note: The characters in brackets are the last 6 characters of the Bluetooth address. The full Bluetooth address is printed on the Product label.

5. Launch your Scanner-enabled Application. The scanner will beep once indicating that it is connected to the appropriate application. Now you are ready to scan barcodes.

why my credit card processing pinpad gets disconnected?

Answer: go to setup on the app select card and then select configure pinpad make sure all data points are there such as prefilled device id and merchant id and terminal id and operator id and pinpad id is 0 and then press configure pinpad red button to reconnect to the pinpad can take few minutes. Make sure your internet is not open access as it might cause pinpad to lose connection so have secured internet at your location to avoid getting disconnected.