How to connect to TSYS PAX-S300 Card Processing Terminal via Physical Ethernet LAN and its setup?

(TSYS, Model PAX-S300)

May-21-2020, Version V1.0

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PAX Card Processing Terminal Setup


Link with DolphinPOS APP


Enable Static IP to PAX Terminal


PAX Card Processing Terminal Setup


Step 1: Connect the Ethernet LAN cable into “red cord” as shown in below.


Step 2: Connect the Power Pin of the cable into the hole has shown in below and other end of it goes into power supply. Which will turns ON the PAX device.


Note: Make sure both PAX terminal device and IPAD which you are using for POS APP are on the same LAN network.

Step 3: On the PAX front Panel

  1. Hold “F+1” keys together

  2. default Password is today’s date mmddyyyy (example march 13th 2020 i.e 03132020)


  3. Scroll down 1 page (press down arrow) and press to “2.Communication” option.


  4. Enter your password again (it’s today’s date mmddyyyy, if it is not changed)

  5. Scroll down 2 pages (press down arrow two times) and press "1. LAN Parameters".


  6. press “2.IP Address” and Note down the IP Address (


  7. press enter

  8. press down arrow & go to “ping” option and press “green” enter button



To verify the internet connectivity of PAX LAN setup, you can do same ping test from DOS command prompt with below command on the PC (which should be on the same local network)

C:\xxx>ping –t (Where is your PAX LAN IP address which is assigned to it)


You can see below YouTube video link of DolphinPOS for the same youtube video

DolphinPOS APP Setup to communicate with PAX S300

  1. Click on dolphin pos App (restaurant/retail) on IPAD and go to Home screen

  2. Go to “More” “Card” and press “Integrated PinPad”

  3. Change “IP Address” in APP with some minor changes listed below (which we have noted from above PAX S300 Hardware Setup).

4) Port No.: 10009

  1. Then Tap on “Configure Pin Pad”



  2. Go to “General” and Select card provider to “TSYS” from the dropdown


  3. In the same page “Enable Capture Signature” flag if you want to capture signature on the TSYS display.


  4. That’s it, just close the application and open it. You are good to go!

How to make IP address to Static

  1. Press Menu or "FUNC" and "1" at the same time

  2. Enter your password (default password is the current date in MMDDYYYY format)

  3. Scroll down 1 page and press "2. Communication"

  4. Enter your password again

  5. Scroll down 2 pages and press "1. LAN Parameters"

  6. Press "1. LAN Type"


  7. Press "2. Static"


  8. Go back into “LAN Type” and verify that LAN Type:”2” is selected before proceeding.

  9. Go back to the home screen by using the back button on the screen several times.

You will need to power cycle (unplug and replug the power cable) the device for it to receive a new IP address from the router.