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DolphinPOS #Goal

Our main focus is providing a Point Of Sale Solution that helps businesses run more effective, cool features like loyalty and rewards program which actually brings in repeated customers. our improved Inventory Management provides clients with better Service Management, Scheduled Appointments and many more features. Our ultimate concept hits your core goal to make your business communicate to you just like a Dolphin which is Known for its exemplary communication skills in the water.Let our Dolphin POS ride your waves of the business to a new height.


Quick Service

Easy and fast process for placing order in checking out customers with in few seconds and providing clients with efficient service using Dolphin POS.


Create custom floor plans to accommodate your business flow,take reservations for guests who are planning to visit in near future,manage with ease open tabs by creating tables in floor plan or by tabs in general. Adding gratitude and utilising other features to enhance your business financials and view reports online to monitor performance on daily basis.

Delivery and Pick Up

Manage your drivers at ease with our simple and easy driver management feature which calculates delivery charges for drivers and location,Take orders through our gps enable features which helps to asses delivery charges with automation, our system can even pick up your inbound phone call digits directly when a customer calls and if it is a repeated customer call it will show up on a screen, simply take an order and process it.



Perfect solutions for small shops that do not have heavy inventory but would like to run their simple business efficiently and accurately with easy reporting tools.

Single location Store

Ideal solution for heavy inventory-based location that needs to add stocks and have ability to pin point and track inventory for their location. Be able to restrict cashier options, of performing certain task, to print labels for items, have pole display, built in credit card terminal for clients to view. Utilize our rewards and loyalty program to enhance your business to the next level.

Multi Location Stores

We work with multi store locations really well, and we do know why inventory management is a key component and managing workflow to see reports of each location and being on top of each locations financials. Providing with the most optimized and user friendly pos solutions, so if you are in one of those locations who go through employee’s, our system will go on and show will not stop, as it is easy in the front end to use and keep all the data you are looking for you to stroke key decisions for the future of your multi locations.